Dash cam video shows Ider Police chase woman from North Alabama to Marion County, Tennessee

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A Georgia woman led Alabama police on a high-speed chase that ended with a flat tire - and her arrest - in Tennessee. Ider, Alabama police say Elizabeth Drew of Trenton, Georgia took off in her vehicle over the weekend during an attempted traffic stop for an equipment violation.

Dashcam video shows Drew's car barreling down a highway during the final minutes of the pursuit, which entered into Marion County, Tennessee.

The car eventually slows to a halt after losing air pressure in at least one tire. Drew is seen exiting the driver's side and trying to run away on foot down a nearby embankment. The officer, identified on-camera as Officer Gary Chapman, follows her for a short distance and is able to make contact and arrest her.

Marion County Sheriff's Office deputies arrived on scene to take custody of the woman. She will face extradition back to Alabama for two felony counts of fleeing and eluding.

“She could have been severely injured and crushed between her vehicle and guardrail, as you can see in the footage posted," said Ider Police Chief Stephen Malone.

Malone also noted that newly-enacted Alabama state laws make it a felony to attempt eluding police in a vehicle going over 20 miles per hour, post the posted speed limit.

"This has been long overdue, and with the amount of crime and pursuits in our area it’s very much needed," the chief said.

Ider police said Drew was also found in possession of narcotics and drug paraphernalia.

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