Tattoo artist goes viral after changing England fan's ink to say 'it's coming to Rome'

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Mae Dawson, 19, an apprentice at Stolen Space Tattoos in Bournemouth, was approached by a client to ink the popular English football chant ahead of the Euro 2020 final on Sunday (11 July).

But after Italy triumphed over England in a penalty shoot-out, the football fanatic decided to make light of the defeat – by changing his beloved tat to "It's coming to Rome."

The original clip of the tattoo – before the change – racked up four million views and more than 390,000 likes (@mydads_dead69).

In less than a day since the new video was posted, it has garnered two million views and 223,000 likes – with viewers appreciating the sporting spirit.

“He had full faith in the team and thought it would be a funny joke with his friends,” Dawson said.

“We thought we could make a video to show how much people get into football in England – England fans are die-hard fans.”

In the video, Dawson can be seen striking the "H" from "Home" in red ink and adding a few letters so that it reads "It’s coming to Rome."

One person, who was clearly invested after they saw the original tattoo, commented: “I’ve thought about this man’s tattoo since I saw it before the final.”

“I actually appreciate your irony!" said another user.

"Okay but I love how you’re taking it with humour," wrote someone else.

“Thank you for not being a bad sport,” agreed another viewer.

One fan added: “I’m sorry this was the funniest thing I’ve seen all week.”

After the loss, reports of angry fans racially abusing players and attacking Italian supporters have left people in shock.

Dawson added: “We also wanted to show that not all England fans are bitter after the result like you read in the news, especially with the uproar caused and the anger that was shown by many fans.”

She has been tattooing since April this year and said it’s “definitely one of the funniest tattoos” she has made so far.

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