Boise police officer's shooting of Eli Nash deemed justified in fatal shooting, body cam released

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According to a recent news release, Blaine County Prosecuting Attorney Matthew Fredback determined the actions of Boise Police Officer K. Paporello, who shot Eli Nash on Jan. 23, 2023, were justified under the law.

The release says the prosecutor reviewed multiple officers' on-body video and the complete investigation conducted by the Ada County Critical Incident Task Force led by the Garden City Police Department.

Before the shooting, Nash was on parole after his release from prison following a conviction of two counts of Sexual Exploitation of a Child by Electronic Means. Nash failed to register as a sex offender, and officers were investigating an additional sexual assault allegation against Nash.

On Jan. 23, 2023, officers planned to arrest Nash in partnership with Fugitive Recovery Agents from the Idaho Department of Corrections. Upon locating Nash in a car in a parking lot near 3801 E. Fairview Ave. in Meridian, officers moved in to arrest him. They used police vehicles to block Nash's car to prevent him from escaping.

Officers approached the vehicle, identified themselves, and commanded Nash to put his hands up. Nash did not comply and instead jumped into the back seat where the blankets covered the windows.

Paporello could see Nash through the rear windshield and saw he was holding a gun and pointing it toward the rear driver's side door in the direction of other officers. Paporello fired four rounds at Nash through the rear windshield.

Despite life-saving efforts by law enforcement, Nash was declared deceased on the scene. The firearm was later identified as a 9mm CZ-75 handgun.

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