Shorewood release dash cam of a fatal officer shooting when the suspect shoots first in La Quinta

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Around 11:45 p.m. March 14, 2022, a man, later identified as Oswego resident Jose DeJesus-Hernandez, 39, had called 911 twice, hanging up both times. He told 911 he was parked in the back parking lot of the LaQuinta Inn & Suites, facing Interstate 55.
Criscione was on Route 52 near the DuPage River, so he drove there to check it out. He did not activate his unmarked police car's sirens and emergency lights because it seemed to be an unknown medical call, according to Shorewood Deputy Police Chief Jason Barten.

The shootings happened within a fraction of a second.

The dash camera footage makes it evident Hernandez fired his gun first. He raised his gun in the direction of the Shorewood police, who were already alerted by Criscione that the man had a gun in his hand while sitting inside his vehicle behind the LaQuinta.

Just as Hernandez shot himself in the shoulder, Criscione returned fire, fatally shooting the Oswego man once in the head with his police rifle. Criscione was standing at least 35 feet away, positioned behind his squad car for his own safety, Arnold said.

“We will never know why Mr. Hernandez chose the LaQuinta location that night, nor what led him to take the actions that ended so tragically," Arnold told Patch. "What we do know is that Officer Criscione used the force necessary to protect not only his life, but also the lives of other officers that had responded and the patrons inside the rooms in front of Mr. Hernandez’s vehicle. His quick reaction and response is a reflection of his dedication to professionalism and training.”

Arnold said Criscione only fired one rifle round. "All the officers there did a good job. A lot of restraint was used,"the chief remarked.

Criscione was cleared last year by the Will County State's Attorney's Office of any criminal wrongdoing in connection with the deadly parking lot shooting.

"At the conclusion of this review, the board voted unanimously that Officer Criscione's actions on ... the evening of March 14, 2022, were within the Shorewood Police Department's policy and procedures," Barten's letter advised the police chief.

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