Video shows street racers leading Florida deputies on chase

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Two people were arrested after being accused of street racing and leading Orange County deputies on a chase, the sheriff's office said.

Deputies said they recently spotted two motorcyclists driving recklessly through the county near Michigan Ave. and Westmoreland Drive in Orlando. In video released by the agency, the motorcyclists come close to nearly hitting someone standing on a sidewalk while rounding a corner.

"They made a westbound turn on Amelia. They almost took out a pedestrian on the sidewalk," a deputy is heard saying from the helicopter.

The sheriff's office said both riders were driving on a pedestrian bridge in the footage, creating dangerous conditions for anyone who may have been walking across it at the time. After that, one rider pulled a wheelie on the freeway, the video shows.

Eventually, deputies catch up with them when they stopped to refuel. The sheriff's office took to social media to warn other riders of what will happen if they decide to drive dangerously.

"DON'T STREET RACE! Street racing is illegal and dangerous," the sheriff's office tweeted. "We will continue to keep our roadways safe in Orange County - every day."

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