Bodycam video shows moments deputies arrive at scene of deadly Florida bus crash

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Just-released body camera video shows deputies and firefighters arriving on the scene of a bus crash that killed eight people and injured dozens.

Dashcam shows a Marion County sheriff's deputy weaving through backed-up traffic to get to the scene where the bus was lying on its side. Several people were standing near the bus, while others were on the ground, waiting for help.

Firefighters opened the back door of the bus and entered to assist people still inside.

Bryan Maclean Howard was arrested on DUI manslaughter charges after troopers say he crossed the center line and side-swiped the bus, according to Florida Highway Patrol.

While the arrest affidavit shows breath tests that were negative for alcohol, troopers said Howard appeared unsteady at the hospital, with bloodshot eyes and other indicators of insobriety.

They said he failed a standard sobriety test. Troopers also said Howard admitted to using cannabis oil through a vape pen he obtained from a friend who has a medical marijuana card.

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