NYPD sergeant fires at suspects in Bronx shootout

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No injuries were reported after an NYPD sergeant came across a Bronx shootout and opened fire on one of the suspects early on Sunday morning, police reported.

The shootout happened at about 1 a.m. on July 17 in front of an apartment building at 1155 Morrison Ave. in Soundview.

According to law enforcement sources, the sergeant arrived on the scene to find two individuals exchanging gunshots at one another. One of the shooters was on the street, while the other fired their weapon from inside a red vehicle at the scene.

Police sources said the sergeant confronted the suspects, and the perpetrator on the street pointed his weapon at him.

That prompted the sergeant to fire shots at the gunman, who managed to flee the scene along with the shooter in the red vehicle.

Officers from the 43rd Precinct responded to the incident. There were no reported gunshot victims at the scene, though the sergeant was brought to Jacobi Hospital for treatment of tinnitus.

Detectives canvassed local hospitals for possible gunshot wound victims, but sources familiar with the investigation said none were found.

Police also located the red vehicle involved in the shootout abandoned nearby.

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