LMPD releases body cam footage of officer shooting 2 teens in Chickasaw

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Nearly two weeks after a Louisville Metro Police Department officer shot two unarmed teenagers, the department has released the body cam footage from the scene.
The video shows officer Brendan Kaiser outside a garage in the Chickasaw neighborhood where multiple teenagers were inside with a reportedly stolen vehicle.

After the teen raises the garage door, Kaiser shuts it back and calls for backup.

Kaiser can then be seen approaching the garage as it opens up again. At this moment, he rushes toward the teens inside the garage as they run away, and his gun goes off.

Police say that the one bullet discharged struck two of the teens attempting to get away.

An hour after the shooting happened, the two teens who were shot showed up at different hospitals in Louisville with non-life-threatening injuries.

The video, which was edited by LMPD to emphasize certain moments, points out that Kaiser's finger was not on the trigger as he attempted to detain the teenagers. LMPD says that was in accordance with officer training.

An attorney representing the teens' families expressed frustration with how long LMPD waited to release the footage and it not being the raw video.

In a statement, Sam Aguiar says in part, "If police officers shoot someone, the footage should be made available to the families and public ASAP and the footage shouldn't be edited to have a pro-police narrative embedded into it. We should be able to draw our own conclusions."

Kaiser, who joined LMPD in 2016, was put on leave following the incident while KSP and the Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney review the case.

This is not the first officer-involved shooting he has been investigated for.
In 2018, he was exonerated in a deadly shooting of a man who was armed with a knife.

Police confirm, in this most recent incident, the teenagers were not armed.

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