Body cam video shows Indiana police responding to home burglary, finds a baby deer instead

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Police in Indiana released a video this week showing officers responding to a report of a burglary in progress, only to find the “suspect” was a lost baby deer.

A video shared by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department on July 15 shows officers arriving at the home after receiving a call about an alleged burglary.

Upon arrival, officers found a shattered window that had been broken into, but officers quickly noticed the window was too small for an adult to fit through it.

The body-cam video showed officers entering the home's basement only to find a frightened fawn making a mess.

"Our brave officers went down to investigate, only to discover a baby deer, affectionately known as Bambi, seeking shelter. Instead of "booking" our new friend, they quickly sprang into action with a safety-first approach," IMPD wrote.

After chasing the frightened baby deer with some blankets, officers were able to cover it and carry it outside the home.

“Hopefully she can find Mama,” an officer said as he carried the deer outside the home. The officer then safely released it into the backyard.

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