Body cam footage of confrontation between Evans town supervisor candidate and police officer

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Mike Masullo, the Republican candidate for supervisor in the Town of Evans, was recently accused in a police report of making a threat against an officer during an incident caught on body cam.

7 News obtained the footage and police report through Freedom of Information Law request.

On October 20, Masullo — a retired Evans Police lieutenant — confronted Patrolman Scott DeJohn in the parking lot of a business on Route 20. DeJohn was investigating an unrelated car crash.

In the body camera footage, Masullo says, "I'll f***ing knock you right out" to Officer DeJohn.

In the police report, DeJohn said the confrontation was due to a "recent encounter" DeJohn had with Masullo's nephew, something Masullo confirmed to 7 News.

Masullo provided cell phone video his nephew recorded showing Officer DeJohn stopping him after a police call from the McDonald's in Derby. The officer tells several minors to stop causing trouble.

"Your grandfather is not chief of police anymore," DeJohn told Masullo's nephew. "Your uncle is not a lieutenant, alright, so you better stop."

In the body camera footage, you see me "standing up to a bully," Masullo told 7 News in a telephone conversation.

The police report lists Masullo's offense as Harassment in the Second Degree, a violation, which is lower than a misdemeanor and is not a criminal charge. Less than a week after the incident captured on camera, the Evans Police department decided that "charges will not be filed at this time."

Evans Police Chief Gregory Szarowicz told 7 News, threats against an officer unfortunately happen on a regular basis, "and for that reason this officer chose not to pursue charges."

Masullo said he's known Officer DeJohn since they were children, and their families have been at odds politically for a while due to certain promotions within the police department over the years. DeJohns and Masullos have served as police chief within the small department.

In the video, Masullo is heard telling DeJohn, "You got one month," which critics said was a threat that — if elected — he would fire the patrolman. Masullo denied that.

"I was referring to Scott (DeJohn) having a month left until retirement," he told 7 News.

Masullo's Democratic opponent, Ray Ashton, called his conduct "unacceptable."

"As a former police officer, Mr. Masullo should know better than to interfere with an accident scene!" Ashton said via text. "No matter what his reasoning was."

Masullo called this entire episode pure politics.

The election for Evans Town Supervisor is November 7.

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