In-car camera captures suspect destroying evidence in the back of a patrol car

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On Tuesday, January 30, Flagler County Sheriff's Office deputies conducted a traffic stop near County Road 325 in Bunnell due to traffic violations.

While speaking with the driver of the vehicle, identified as Michael Underwood, 36, a convicted felon from Bunnell, deputies noticed a strong smell of cannabis coming from inside the vehicle. Underwood said he did not have a medical marijuana card, so he was asked to exit the vehicle while a probable cause search was conducted. Upon exiting the vehicle, deputies noticed a bulge in the front of his pants, near the crotch area.

During the search of the vehicle, deputies located a small amount of cannabis and smaller fragments on the floor of the vehicle, and a box of plastic bags in the glovebox. Upon a search of Underwood, deputies found a large clear, plastic bag containing 16.07 grams of a white, powdery substance, and two smaller bags of the same substance measuring at .43 and .34 grams. All substances tested positive for cocaine and methylone (synthetic cathinone) in a presumptive field test.

Underwood was arrested for Possession of Cocaine with Intent to Deliver and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. While in custody awaiting transport to the detention facility, Underwood removed another baggie from his buttocks and scattered the contents on the floor of the FCSO vehicle. These actions were caught on camera, and the particles tested positive for cocaine and methylone. Because of this, Underwood was additionally arrested for Tampering with Evidence. He is currently being held at Sheriff Perry Hall Inmate Detention Facility on a $20,500 bond.

“Underwood is the definition of a poison peddling dirt bag,” said Sheriff Rick Staly. “He’s a poison peddling thug that’s no stranger to justice and doesn’t learn his lesson. Despite his feeble attempts to conceal and destroy evidence, he’s found himself back at the Green Roof Inn, and it’s time he goes back to prison.

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