Firemen rescue cat stuck up 30ft tall tree in Thailand

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This is the moment firemen rescued a pet cat that was stuck up a 30ft-tall tree in northeastern Thailand.

The team responded to the area after they were informed by locals that a moggie wandered on top of an old tree but it was too afraid to climb down in Nakhon Ratchasima province.

Volunteers search for the cat among the vast branches as it could be heard crying before setting up a crane truck beneath the spot.

After the crane had been in place, one of the firemen hopped onto the bucket which was lifted so he could reach for the weary animal above.

The worried pet owner said: ‘I have been looking for my cat for days. I let her roam around our neighbourhood because it was generally safe here.

‘When she did not return, I searched the area until some neighbours told me about a crying cat here. I found her crying on top of a tall tree so I called the rescue team for help.’

After almost half an hour, the fireman was able to pull the cat off the branch and was reunited with its owner. The animal was unharmed and was given food and water.

The pet owner added: ‘I think my cat was chased up by stray dogs living in the temple and climbed up the tree to hide. I’m just happy to have my dearest cat back in one piece.’

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