Police chase 4 stolen cars in Kent Co., teens arrested after crash

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Kent County Sheriff's Deputies are warning drivers to lock their doors and take out valuables after a spate of car thefts in Gaines Township.

Monday, around 3:15 a.m., Kent County Sheriff's Deputies were proactively patrolling the area of 60th Street near Kalamazoo Ave due to a rash of vehicles being broken into and stolen.

That's when the sheriff's office says deputies spotted three vehicles enter the Crossings Apartments at a high rate of speed.

Deputies said these vehicles matched the descriptions of recently stolen vehicles, so more officers were called in to set up a perimeter around the apartment complex.

A KCSO Sergeant drove up on three vehicles in the parking lot and then a fourth as it passed by him as the pursuit began, deputies said.

Another deputy was waiting down the road and used spike strips, hitting three of the four vehicles, the sheriff's office said.

At that point, the vehicles split up and deputies chased one as it headed northbound on Kalamazoo Avenue.

This vehicle lost control and crashed at Kalamazoo Avenue and 28th Street.

Authorities said one 14-year-old and one 15-year-old Kentwood teenage boy were checked out by medical staff and then arrested.

With the help of the Kentwood Police Department and the Grand Rapids Police Department, officers found two abandoned Kia SUVs and one Kia sedan believed to have been stolen and used in the chase.

Authorities are still looking for a white Ford Fusion that may be stolen.

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