Dramatic bodycam footage shows intense moments when deputies pulled a woman from a burning home

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New dramatic bodycam footage showing the intense moments Fluvanna County deputies rescued an elderly, a woman from a burning home.

Officials say that dispatch received a 9-1-1 call from the resident that said her house was on fire and that she was worried for the safety of the elderly woman.

"We received a call, a 9-1-1 call, from a resident that said her house was on fire and that she wasn't able to get out of the house," said Lt. Aaron Hurd, Investigations Lieutenant for Fluvanna County Sheriff’s Department.

That was due to the fact that the woman had a broken hip last year, and the 83-year-old woman was unable to get to her phone.

Deputies say that they kicked down the front door and were plastered by blowing smoke.

Deputies pulled the elderly woman out of the house.

The victim's son, Daniel Skeen, owns the house.

"It’s not good. I'll tell you,” said Skeen.

Daniel expresses how thankful he is for the three brave officers that saved his mother.

“It keeps sinking in every day how bad it is. I am just glad that everyone is alive and thank goodness for the officers that saved my mom and I am so glad I bought her a phone."

The house was a total loss, and Daniel Skeen says they are living on the same property in an 8-person tent until they figure out the next steps.

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