Landmark wiped off the landscape in a cloud of dust and rubble in Yorkshire

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Cooling towers at a Power Station in Yorkshire was brought down in a series of controlled explosions today 10th October.
4 remaining cooling towers were demolished as part of ongoing decommissioning works at Eggborough Power Station in North Yorkshire. Roads in the local area were closed from 6am until shortly after the blast at 9am for safety reasons. Also on August 1st, the first 4 of 8 cooling towers were flattened which now leaves the boiler house and chimney. No date has been disclosed for the demolition of these at the moment. Eggborough Power Station started producing electricity in 1967 and has since been a landmark for over 50 years. At it's capacitiy, the plant produced 1960 megawatts of electricity that powered around 2 million homes, or a city the size of Leeds or Sheffield. The coal fired station closed back in September 2018 with plans to build a newer gas powered station with a capacity to produce 2500 megawatts of electricity.

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