Female Officer Tackles Suspect Before Women's History Month Photoshoot

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A female police officer in Orlando, Florida, spotted a burglary suspect and tackled him to the ground on March 1 while on her way to a photography session to promote Women’s History Month, according to the Orlando Police Department (OPD).

In a post on Facebook, police said officers were responding to reports of a man breaking into vehicles and making threats to people when Officer Elizabeth Eby spotted the suspect on Colonial Drive near Bumby Avenue.

Body-worn camera footage shows Eby intercepting the suspect, tackling him to the ground as he walked across Colonial Drive. Other officers arrive immediately after and help Eby place the suspect under arrest.

“Great job!” one of the arriving officers tells Eby.

Even the suspect seemed impressed with the takedown, OPD noted. In the footage, the suspect, while handcuffed on the ground, apologizes to Eby and asks if she’s injured. Eby tells him she’s okay and accepts his apology.

“I’ve never met a woman so strong!” the suspect tells her.

Police said Eby, a K-9 officer with nearly seven years experience in the police department, then made her way to a picture session where she and her partner, a dog named Fletcher, were photographed as part of Women’s History Month celebrations. OPD posted the photos on Facebook on March 1, and said they were “lucky to have them both on the team!”

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