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So when i was in my 30's we had a large group of friends that all drank , went camping and biking together , there was me , Rick , Dan , Chuck , Rob , Crazy Larry , Crazy Larrys best friend Streed and Crazy Larrys GF Diane.

Every Friday at 5:00 Larry would get off work , go to a bar called "The Moose" to cash his paycheck , buy pulltabs and get drunk , while the rest of us all got off work earlier than Larry.

So 1 Friday Streed calls me and says "im going to the Moose to get drunk with Larry , u wanna come with?" , i said "ty but i got other plans and cant make it" , Streed said "ok, im heading out to the bar then."

20 mins later Diane calls me and says "i want to go to the Moose and wait for Larry but i dont like being at the bar alone , do you want to come with me while i wait?" i said "i cant make it but Streed was just heading to the bar so if you leave your house now you'll prolly get there at the same time." , she said "ok cool , ill go find Steed then."

Diane finds Streed at the bar and they get a table , order drinks and wait for Larry to show up at 5:00 , which he does , but he walks right past them on his way to the check cashing booth ,,, he then walks right past them again while counting his money on his way over to the pulltab booth ,, he gets some pulltabs and Steed finally stands up and yells "YO DUDE" to get his attention and Larry looks up and sees Streed and Streed gives him a fake shocked wide eyed looks to tease him for walking past them 3 times before he finally saw them ,,,, 3 mins later , they noticed Larry still hadn't come over to join them , they thought maybe he had to use the can so Streed checked the bathroom and nothing , they searched the whole bar and Larry had clearly left ,, and they were like wtf ???

3 hours after that Larry calls me up , shitty drunk crying about how Diane is cheating on him with Streed and how he "busted" them together at the bar , and how when he saw Streed and Diane together Streed looked shocked like a deer in the headlights .

I said "you dumbarse , they are not cheating on you , they both went to the bar to see you individually and bumped into each other there while waiting to see you at 5:00 , i know this because they both called me and invited me to go with them ,,,, think about it logically for a second Larry ,,, if your best friend and your girlfriend were going to cheat on you , would they go to the 1 bar that they both knew for a fact that youd be at at 5:00 on Friday ? or would they go to any other bar in Minneapolis other than the Moose ?

Well Larry wasn't hearing it , he was sure they were cheating on him and he wasn't going to listen to a word saying otherwise , even the next day when he had somewhat sobered up , he still insisted they were screwing each other , and i guess he thought i was lying to try to cover for them or something , and he demanded that Rick , Chuck , Dan and i had to stop being friends with Streed and Diane cuz they broke the Bro Code.

We said no , screw you , they didnt do anything wrong , ure just being a drunken jealous idiot.

Larry stopped speaking to all of us after that and we didnt think anything of it at first , we figured he eventually come to his senses and call somebody but after a year and a half , we still hadn't heard from him ,,, so we were planning a canoeing trip down the snake river and i thought id extend the olive branch and invite Larry to go with us ,,,

Well it turned out that Larry had died 2 months before i called him , he drank himself to death , apparently he had convinced himself that we all had betrayed him by not taking his side against Streed , and he sat alone in his apartment for a year drinking whiskey and cursing Streed and Diane for sleeping with each other (when they never had) and cursing us for not excommunicating Streed from the group for breaking the Bro Code (when he never did)

So yeah , he was kind of a dumbass who brought the whole thing on himself unnecessarily , but he still didnt deserve to die alone with a bottle of whiskey .

But again , hes the one that couldn't swallow his pride and call us.

Rest in Peace Dumbass .

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