Huge python trapped in net rescued in Thailand

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A giant python entangled in a net was rescued in Thailand.

The 16ft-long serpent was hunting a farmer’s chickens when it was caught on the protective net around the coop in Prachinburi province, on September 27.

Its stomach was too big for the net’s holes and ended up being trapped before it was discovered by the farmer’s guard dog.

Farmer Thanakit Trakulpirom called the Sawang Bampen Thammasathan Rescue Unit upon finding the reptile stuck near the garbage disposal area of his house.

He said: ‘I heard the dog barking several times so I went out to look. I thought there was an intruder and found the snake trapped in the net.

‘I think it was hungry and came to eat the chickens we were raising because our previous livestock kept disappearing as well.’

The rescue team took around ten minutes to free the python with one of the volunteers using a sickle to cut the snake loose while his colleague pinned it down by its neck using a rod.

The 25kg python was eventually freed and released back into the wild uninjured while all the farmer’s chickens were spared.

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