Bodycam footage shows trio being arrested after Wolverhampton playground shooting

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Bodycam footage has captured the moment three men were arrested following a shooting which left two children injured. The youngsters were at a playground in Bushbury,

Wolverhampton, when they were hit by stray bullets fired from a stolen Ford Focus towards a Mini Cooper on Bank Holiday Monday, May 1 this year.

West Midlands Police said it was part of what was believed to have been a violent gang feud. An 11-year-old girl, who was playing in the Shelley Road park, was hit in the leg, while a 15-year-old boy on a bike in a neighbouring car park was hit just below the knee.

The Focus then sped away, chased by the Mini Cooper. Police established Kian Durnin, aged 22, had been driving the car, with Tireq McIntosh, 23, in the front passenger seat

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Both men had fired guns, while Martinho De Sousa, 24, was a backseat passenger, police said. Footage, released by the force, showed the moments all three were arrested, with one clip showing McIntosh being told to leave a vehicle he was sitting in and lie on the ground by armed police.

Another shows armed officers entering a property to arrest De Sousa, who was seen walking down the stairs with his hands in the air. The footage also captured the moment Durnin was told by a police officer that he was under arrest on suspicion of attempted murder.

In an interview, Durnin and McIntosh denied any involvement, while De Sousa made no comment. After a trial at Birmingham Crown Court, all three were found guilty of attempted murder and aggravated vehicle taking today, Thursday, December 14.

McIntosh, of Valley Road, De Sousa, of Deansfield Road, and Durnin, of Milton Road, will be sentenced later this month on December 20. Det Insp Francis Nock, from the Major Crime Team, said: “At least six shots were fired, and it’s sheer luck these two children weren’t more seriously injured or killed.

Martinho De Sousa, Tireq McIntosh and Kian Durnin (Image: West Midlands Police)
"Thankfully, they have both made recoveries from their physical wounds. But this has left their families shattered.

“We may never know who the intended targets were or why the shooting happened, but we believe it involved tensions between gangs in the Wolverhampton area, and may be connected to illegal drugs. Our recently created Major Crime Team had the resources and expertise to put a huge amount of officers into this investigation, reviewing more than 2,000 hours of CCTV and exploring countless lines of enquiry.

“This was a cowardly attack by men who had no hesitation in firing deadly guns next to a children’s playground.”

Prosecutor Tim Cray KC previously told the jury: "This case has everything straight from a movie director's script. Guns, ammunition, shooting, car chases and feuds between people in and around the city of Wolverhampton.

"You need to realise, difficult at first as this may be to take in, the events you are watching are happening in a street in Wolverhampton, shortly after 3pm on a Monday and there's a park and children's playground right in the line of fire."

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