Body cameras capture Henderson police shooting

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Newly released body camera footage shows a man telling Henderson police officers to shoot him before he pointed a BB gun in their direction and the officers fired.

A 911 caller said that a man he did not know had “banged” on his door and asked him for a ride on the morning of May 30, and that the man was looking into his neighbors’ cars near Burkholder Boulevard and East Lake Mead Parkway, according to dispatch recordings.

Officers spotted the man on Metropolitan Drive, but he took off and jumped into a backyard, and then another, Henderson Deputy Chief Michael Blow said in a recorded statement.

Video shows an officer yelling at Kenneth Dehart, 23, from the other side of the wall of the second yard, telling him to get up and put his hands up.

“If you reach for a gun, you’re gonna get shot,” an officer is heard telling Dehart at one point.

“Shoot me, shoot me,” Dehart is heard responding.

In the video, Dehart is seen popping his head up, getting back down, and emerging again, before pointing a black object toward officers.

Police said they recovered a BB gun.

Dehart was taken to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center where he was expected to recover, police said.

Records show that Dehart is facing two felony counts of assault on a protected person.

He is next expected in court Thursday.

The officers who shot him, James Brown and Cody Obergh, were placed on routine administrative leave while the investigation was ongoing, police said.

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