17-year-old suspect who shot an undercover officer leads Dallas police on a chase, then arrested

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The Dallas Police Department released new details on an investigation after an officer was shot during a chase last week.

The shooting happened early last Thursday morning as undercover officers were following a blue Camaro they said was doing donuts and driving erratically.

Dallas police said the people in the Camaro noticed they were being followed and made a U-turn to pull parallel to the police vehicle.

The driver fired at the unmarked police car, hitting the car twice. One of the rounds went through the driver's door and hit Officer Tyler Morris in the hip.

The Camaro was later spotted on E. Kiest Boulevard, and officers pursued the car for about 10 minutes.

Police helicopters and the Dallas County Sheriff's Office took part in the chase, which ended on Chesterfield.

Three of the six people in the Camaro ran from the scene.

One of the suspects is seen holding a gun as he runs away in the dash camera video.

Two teenagers were captured and are facing charges.

The driver, who police identified as 17-year-old Jaheart Nickelberry, faces several charges, including aggravated assault, and a 15-year-old girl is charged with evading arrest.

Dallas police say Nickelberry is a known gang member and could face multiple charges.

Police say they are still attempting to identify and find a third teenage suspect.

The three people who remained in the Camaro were not charged.

Three weapons were recovered, including one weapon thrown out of the window during the pursuit on I-20, which was stolen from Shreveport, Louisiana.

Morris is recovering after multiple surgeries.

He has a broken hip, and he currently doesn’t have much feeling in his left leg, but his prognosis is good, he shared on social media.

Morris remains in the hospital in stable condition.

"I know, for a fact, that my officers prevented further violent crimes to have been committed that night," said Dallas police chief Eddie Garcia. "We are lucky we didn't lose an officer in the process."

Dallas police say the car was involved in an aggravated robbery hours before Officer Morris was shot.

Two males, identified by police as Nickelberry and the unknown third suspect, approached a vehicle on Cripple Creek where the driver was expecting to sell the suspects vape pens.

As the driver drove away, the two men started shooting at the vehicle.

The victim crashed his car and the suspects stole property from the car.

The stolen property and other evidence found inside the Camaro connected the suspects to the robbery.

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