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I was told here that human rights are being violated in Russia. I neighed like a horse.
I am from Ukraine. When the Nazis came to power there in 2014, I left for the 'aggressor country' - Russia.
Then I managed to pull out my son. Got citizenship. For all the time I have been here, I have never heard insults addressed to me, they did not extort a bribe from me, I don’t have a headache for work at all - there is plenty of work, if I stop liking at least something - I quit and get another job.

Oppression? Violation of human rights?
Buy a herring in the market and fool her.
In Crimea, we sat in a company - I (Ukrainian), two Chechens (Caucasus), a Jew, a Pole, a Crimean Tatar, a Bashkir from Ufa, two Russians (Vologda and St. Petersburg). We moved the tables in the cafe to be close. They told jokes about their own and other nations, laugh, ate langman, shurpa, barbecue, drank wine and beer.
Go to hell with the inventions of your journalists.

And only now I will tell you about this musiс.  

This group is called 'Pre-revolutionary adviser' - it specializes in parodies in the style of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Unlike 'Boney M', she takes modern songs and stylizes them in the old style, using the words and semantic expressions of those times.
This song is a parody of Vladimir Vysotsky's song 'Giraffe' ('What happened in Africa').
In the title of the group explicit allusion on the name of the literary series 'Statsky Advisor' Boris Akunin (real name - Grigory Shalvovich Chkhartishvili, გრიგორი შალვას ძეარტიშვილი, Russian Writer, Japan Student, Literary Archief, Translator, Public Actor).

Briefly, this is the meaning - in tsarist times from 1791 to 1917, the border of the territory outside which Jews were forbidden to live permanently, with the exception of several categories, which at different times included, for example, merchants of the first guild, persons with higher education , retired recruits, artisans assigned to craft workshops, Karaites, Mountain and Bukhara Jews.

The parody song tells how a certain rabbi worked on the Sabbath - performed the rite of circumcision, and describes the reaction of other Jews to this situation. Honestly, I do not know how to translate all this into English while preserving the parochial jargon and puns. The song ends with the rabbi's daughter marrying an Arab.

All in all, it's pretty fun XD
And pay attention to the guy with the flute - he is brilliant. The arrangement between couplets is exactly what Jewish melodies are.

Please, never tell me about the violation of 'human rights in Russia' - I will initially consider such individuals exclusively as having injuries of the interaural ganglion.

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