Bodycam footage shows NJ Transit officers save choking child

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Multiple New Jersey Transit officers are being praised after saving the life of a choking 3-year-old boy.

On Tuesday, New Jersey Transit Police posted the dramatic body camera video on social media showing officers springing into action to help the child.

Police said the incident happened Tuesday, April 16 around 9:44 p.m. Officers were at the Trenton Station when they heard cries for help coming from a bus.

Responding officers saw a small child being carried by a man coming off the bus, choking with an obstructed airway, according to police.

Police said officers began administering CPR, but the object was not dislodged. The unresponsive child had turned blue due to lack of oxygen.

"Realizing the immediate need for medical attention, K9 Officer Geoghegan used his K9 vehicle to transport the child to the hospital," police said.

Police said Sergeant Filandro continued CPR while Geoghegan drove and by the time they got to the hospital, the child was able to breathe again.

"An excellent job and a young life saved by New Jersey Transit Police Officers! Today we salute each officer involved. This includes Lieutenant Mark Frenzel, Sergeant Michael Filandro, Officer Roberto Tavares, Officer Michael Virag, and K9 Officer Timothy Geoghegan," police said in a statement.

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