Bodycam released from fatal shooting of Lorain man who attacked US Marshals with table leg, knife

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Lorain police released body camera video from the fatal shooting of a Lorain man who attacked members of the Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force with a knife and a wooden table leg.

U.S. Marshal Pete Elliott said several task force officers went to the Lorain home of Derrick Smith, 34, to serve a federal arrest arrant on April 18.

When they arrived at the W. 21st Street home and attempted to take Smith into custody in an upstairs bedroom, he assaulted the task officers with a wooden table leg and stabbed one of the task force officers three times in the neck with a knife, said U.S. Marshal Elliott.

The knife was in one hand and the table leg in the other, said U.S. Marshal Elliott.

According to U.S. Marshal Elliott, Smith continued to attack the task force officers, even after being tased two times.

One of the task force officers then fired his gun, fatally injuring Smith.

Three task force officers were taken to Mercy Hospital and treated for injuries.

U.S. Marshal Elliott said two of them were seriously injured.

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