Sheriff’s office releases dashcam footage of Pritchett shooting

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Dashboard camera footage released by the Allen County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday documents the moments before and after Quincy Pritchett was reportedly killed by a deputy on June 21.

But an apparent struggle between Pritchett and Deputy Izak Ackerman, who was reportedly shot and injured during the struggle, occurs just out of view.

The footage starts with Ackerman on patrol when he attempts a traffic stop on Second Street.

After trailing the vehicle for several blocks and into an alleyway, the driver, later identified as Pritchett, can be seen running away from the vehicle. It was not clear in the footage whether he was armed.

Ackerman chases after Pritchett, yelling for Pritchett to stop and raise his hands before the audio goes silent.

The struggle between the two men occurs just out of view, with bits and pieces of those moments captured by the flashing lights of Ackerman’s vehicle.

Ackerman is then seen running back towards his vehicle as a dispatcher asks if he needs backup, to which he responds that he’s been shot.

“I don’t know where I’m hit, but I’m hit somewhere,” Ackerman says, later telling dispatchers that the “suspect is down but I’m bleeding.”

Later, Ackerman’s apparent injuries are captured on camera as he waits for backup to arrive. Footage shows what appears to be a wound on the left side of Ackerman’s face, just below his lips.

Ackerman was transported to Lima Memorial Health System that morning and later transferred to a Columbus-area hospital for surgery, according to the sheriff’s office. He was released the following day.

Pritchett’s family hosted a press conference Saturday alongside the Lima chapter of the NAACP, calling on the sheriff’s office and local law enforcement agencies to release dashboard camera footage, autopsy and vehicle reports from the incident to clarify what happened that evening.

“He was a good man,” his daughter, Nondee Pritchett, 20, said during the press conference.

“We just want them to know that Quincy was not that kind of guy,” said Pritchett’s aunt, Gwen McLaurine. “I don’t know what happened that night — none of us do, because we were not there — but we do deserve answers. And we do deserve some closure.”

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