A detective from Mesa police fatally shoots an armed burglary suspect out of a moving vehicle

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Mesa police shot and killed 20-year-old Ny'Kendreon Pride during a confrontation following an alleged robbery. Police did not provide details on the confrontation.

A task force consisting of Mesa police officers and U.S. Marshals were looking for an armed robbery suspect near Mesa Drive and Brown Road. Police said that Pride was armed with a handgun.

At least one officer discharged their weapon once they found Pride, and he later died at the hospital.

Police suspected Pride of robbing the Walgreens near Mesa Drive and Brown Road Wednesday night.

Rachel Gonzales told 12News she was there when it happened.

“He had a white shirt over his head. He had the gun pointed to him at his hip and he told him give me everything," Gonzales said. “He pretty much just grabbed the money himself from the register, and he took off.”

He's also accused of robbing the Dollar General across the street Thursday morning.

The manager confirmed to 12News Pride pointed a gun at a cashier and took the money in the register.

Shani Wright said she watched police execute a search warrant at an apartment connected to Pride in her complex.

“I was literally over there, and they did like a flash grenade," Wright said. “I did see the smoke or whatever, and it was really loud. My heart was beating fast.”

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