Philadelphia officer seen in video fatally shooting man seconds after police arrive will be fired

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A Philadelphia officer who fatally shot a man sitting in his car will be fired, authorities said, one day after security video was released showing the officer opening fire seconds after police pulled up next to the man's vehicle.

Officer Mark Dial, a five-year veteran, was initially placed on restrictive duty after the deadly Aug. 14 shooting of Eddie Jose Irizarry. Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said at a news conference Wednesday that Dial has been suspended with the intention to be terminated after 30 days.

She said the suspension was related to Dial's allegedly having refused to cooperate with the investigation.

Shaka Johnson, an attorney for Irizarry’s family, released security video Tuesday that he said contradicts police's earlier claim that Irizarry lunged at the officers at the time he was shot.

The Ring camera video, which was played at a news conference Tuesday, shows Irizarry haphazardly pulling into a parking spot, running over a cone. A police vehicle pulls up next to him, and two officers hop out, the video shows. The officers are heard repeatedly yelling "show me your hands" as they aim their weapons at Irizarry's car. One of the officers then fires multiple shots at the car a few seconds later, the video shows.

One of the officers opens the driver's side door and pulls Irizarry out. Both officers carry him out of the frame of the video.

Johnson said Irizarry, who moved from Puerto Rico when he was 19 and spoke very little English, had been driving erratically and pulled over.

Irizarry was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead, police said.

An investigation continues, and Dial could face additional disciplinary charges if he is found to have violated department policies, Outlaw said.

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