Dash cam shows stolen truck crashing head-on into Lawrenceville patrol car after PIT maneuver

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Dash cam video shows the dramatic moments a man driving a stolen truck crashed head-on into a Georgia policeman's patrol car.

The crash happened last week at the intersection of North Clayton and Perry Street, right before the Lawrenceville Town Square.

Officials with the Lawrenceville Police Department say the incident began when an officer and his recruit were called to help a Georgia State Trooper who was trying to stop the reportedly stolen truck.

According to police, the driver of the truck smashed head-on into the cruiser at full speed.

In video taken from the patrol car's dash cam, you can hear the officer shout just before the red truck smashes into the front of the vehicle.

The officer is then seen breaking his driver-side window and helping the recruit out, taking the obviously shaken man to some people nearby to get over the shock.

"He's a Lawrenceville recruit. Please keep him safe," the officer is heard saying on his body camera.

Thankfully, both the officer and recruit only sustained minor injuries

"We wanted to thank our community, particularly those citizens that helped keep our recruit safe while our officer rejoined the fight," the Lawrenceville Police Dpeartment wrote on Facebook. "Our officer relied on his training and remained calm during the entire incident."

The suspect, identified as 56-year-old Rickey Loyd, was arrested and charged with multiple felonies.

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