'You don't know who I am?' Bodycam released from rapper GloRilla's DUI arrest in metro Atlanta

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Body camera footage released on Friday shows police's entire encounter with budding rap star GloRilla earlier this week after she was arrested on DUI and other charges.

The arrest happened on Tuesday night, according to the Suwanee Police Department.

The video shows the responding officer knocking on the door of GloRilla, whose real name is Gloria Woods, and explaining that she was stopped for making a U-Turn in the left lane at a solid red light around 4 a.m.

Woods complied, informing the officer that she was leaving a performance at the Opium nightclub in Midtown.

"But you don't know who I am," Woods said to the officer, adding, "I'm on your TV."

She also tells officers that she is on the way to Waffle House but explains she's accidentally urinated herself.

"I got pee on my hand," Woods said.

After that, Woods tells officers where two guns are in the car and that she had marijuana, but "not enough" to be taken to jail. She then asks the police if she "looks cute in their camera."

The officer then takes Woods through a few sobriety tests where, at one point, her right breast came out of her bikini-styled top.

Police later made Woods remove her jewelry, handcuffed her and put her in the back of their police car. The last thing Woods asks officers is if "I can sue y'all if y'all take me to jail for no reason?"

Woods was taken into custody on the following charges:

* Driving under the influence of alcohol
* Consuming alcoholic beverage or possessing open alcoholic beverage container while in passenger area of a motor vehicle
* Failure to obey traffic control device

The police report said this was at the intersection of Peachtree Industrial Boulevard and Suwanee Walk Avenue. Police said Woods' eyes were bloodshot and watery, adding that he could smell marijuana inside the car and alcohol on her breath.

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