A traffic stop for a minor infraction in Stamford escalated into a full on physical altercation

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A traffic stop for a minor infraction in Stamford that escalated into a full on physical altercation is now the center of controversy as the driver claims he was racially profiled then beaten and tased by police.

Victor Davis says he was driving down a street in Stamford that curves to the right when he was pulled over for not using his signal.

Because he believed the stop was unlawful, Davis said that he asked for a supervisor and refused to comply with commands to give his ID or get out of the car.

Eventually, Davis says the officers broke his window then attacked him before he was even able to get his bearings.

“I opened my door and as I’m getting out the car, he punches me. And by the time he punches me, my feet ain’t even on the ground,” Davis explains.

When asked why he thinks he was pulled over, Davis said he believes his race played a factor in the stop.

“I think he was racial profiling. . . I thought he just seen two black people in a car rolling down the street,” Davis claims. “That’s why I really felt about it. Because I didn’t see no other reason for him to even come after.”

City of Stamford officials say they are unable to offer comment on the stop or any of the allegations of racism from Davis.

However, when KTAB and KRBC filed a Freedom of Information Act Request to obtain video from the stop, the City of Stamford released it all without any hesitation.

The videos, which are from two different police dash cameras and body cameras worn by Officer Brayden Graham, who made the initial stop, and Officer Matthew Medford, who arrived for backup, show what really happened during the event.

What really happened? Breaking down the body and dash camera videos
Dashcam video from Officer Graham shows him driving around until he notices a vehicle driving in the dark. He briefly follows behind the vehicle until the vehicle makes a right turn without signaling, prompting him to initiate the stop.

The main road does seem to leave drivers with no other option but to turn right. KTAB and KRBC went out to the scene and confirmed there is not another turn, and curving right is the only way to go.

Davis stops immediately once the police lights begin flashing behind him. Officer Graham then approaches the passenger side of the vehicle and asks for Davis’ driver’s license and proof of insurance. Davis asks why he’s been stopped, and Officer Graham tells him he didn’t use his turn signal. Davis argues that the road he was on was not a turn, and repeatedly refused to give Officer Graham his license.

Officer Graham then asked both Davis and his passenger Ricky Reed to get out of the vehicle, and they refused. As they keep refusing, Officer Graham tells them he is going to drag them out and start breaking windows if he has to.

After they kept refusing to identify or get out of the vehicle, Officer Medford arrives for backup and is seen approaching the driver side.

Officer Medford has a conversation with Davis, during which Davis still refuses to give his ID or get out of the vehicle while asking for a supervisor. Officer Medford is also seen tapping on the window and pulling on the vehicle’s door handle, which is locked.

Both officers retreat back to the cruiser, and you can hear them talking about how Davis is refusing to get out of the vehicle and that he won’t identify himself.

The officers returned to the vehicle and continue their conversation with Davis, eventually giving him a 5-second warning to open the door. They are seen holding up fingers and counting down. Once they reached 5, the officers break the glass on Davis’ window and reach inside to open the door.

As soon as they open the door, Davis exits the vehicle with force and appears to immediately take a swing at officers with one arm while the other is still wrapped in his seat belt.

Next, both officers and Davis are engaged in a physical altercation, where they are seen punching and holding Davis while attempting to put him in handcuffs, while Davis is struggling and fighting back.

Nearly a minute into the struggle, one of the officers pulls out his Taser and deploys it on Davis multiple times as they are placing him into handcuffs. They are also seen using physical force during the restraint.

The struggle finally ends once they get the handcuffs on Davis and get the seatbelt out from under his arm.

More backup arrives and officers are then seen questioning Reed, who they made exit the vehicle as well. Reed is able to leave once the questioning is through. They tell him he either has to “get out of here or go to jail” multiple times.

Officers also search Davis’ vehicle and don’t appear to find anything of interest, and during the video, you can hear EMS giving Davis a medical evaluation, during which he claims to have glass in his eye.

The video ends with officers driving away, and Davis is taken to jail.

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