Man accused of leading troopers on high-speed chase, crashing into cars

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A man was arrested after officials say he led police on a chase and crashed into multiple vehicles. On Thursday, Ohio State Highway Patrol released dash cam and body camera footage from the incident that shows the moment of the crash and a trooper tackling the suspect. You can watch 13abc’s side-by-side edit of the footage in the attached video.

Michael Andrickson is facing charges for failure to comply with police following the incident early Friday morning. According to court documents, the Ohio State Highway Patrol said it started on I-80 in Erie County and ended in Toledo.

Officials at the scene told 13abc, a trooper tried to pull Andrickson over for speeding. When the trooper tried to arrest him for suspected impaired driving, the two got into an altercation, with Andrickson fleeing the scene in the vehicle. He crashed through a turnpike gate and took I-75 until troopers caught up with him and deployed stop sticks. Once OSHP spiked the vehicle, the suspect’s car lost a tire and struck a highway patrol car before it came to a stop at the median or the ramp where I-75 meets I-475.

OSHP said Andrickson got out of the car and ran away across I-475 while a trooper followed. Andrickson and the trooper chasing him fell down the hill between 475 north and south. Officials took him into police custody. Emergency crews took the trooper to a hospital for their injuries.

Troopers said Andrickson’s behavior caused a risk of physical harm to themselves, the passengers of the vehicle, the trooper who tried to initiate the traffic stop, and the public.

A judge set Andrickson’s bond at $25,000 at no percent. He’s due back in court on Dec. 15.

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