Body cam footage shows a shootout that wounded an officer and gave the shooter a 21-year sentence

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Last week, police released body cam footage of a 2021 south city police chase that turned into an exchange of gunfire, leaving one officer with minor injuries and the shooter with a 21-year prison sentence.

Police attempted to pull over Darne Ricks, 32, on Pennsylvania Avenue near Cherokee Street on May 28, 2021, in relation to an armed robbery investigation.

Ricks took off. The police probable cause statement says that Ricks drove erratically, going faster than 100 mph.

But at one point, Ricks severely damaged the front end of his Chevy Impala (even with the video, it's not clear how), and the chase became a slow-speed pursuit.

Ricks pulled the Impala to a stop on Nebraska Avenue. He jumped out of the car and fired at the officers who had been pursuing him. An officer jumped out of his vehicle and returned fire. As Ricks ran away, the officer discharged his weapon four times before lowering his arms briefly, running and then firing eight more times.

Ricks was arrested by police in a nearby alley after a brief chase on foot.

The officer on the driver's side of the police vehicle suffered wounds to his face, though it's unclear if they were from a bullet graze or shattering glass. He was transported to a hospital, where he walked in under his own power and was released later that day.

Prosecutors played the body cam footage in court on the first day of Ricks' trial in March of this year for assault, armed criminal action and resisting arrest charges. The next day, Ricks' defense called a halt to the trial and Ricks pleaded guilty to the charges. He got 21 years.

The RFT requested a copy of the body cam footage on the day of Ricks' plea, and it was made available to the public last week.

Ricks was also sentenced to 10 years for his participation in a robbery that happened three days prior to the shoot out with police, when Ricks acted as the driver for two men who stole $300 and a Chevy Suburban from a man in Bevo Mill. The Suburban was later found on fire in Gravois Park, not far from where Ricks subsequently shot at police.

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