Rescue team catch python hiding in car engine in Thailand

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Footage shows the moment a rescue team caught a python hiding in a car’s engine in Thailand.

Driver Piyapong Yodsing, 34, was walking back to his pick-up truck when a security guard warned him about a large snake eating a cat under the vehicle in Bangkok on November 24.

Piyapong crouched down to look for the reptile but found nothing. However, when he walked over and lifted the car bonnet, he found a 13ft-long python curled around the engine.

Shocked Piyapong called the local rescue team, who arrived at the scene to catch the serpent. The specialists caught the python using a snake-catching tool in just 20 minutes.

They carried the creature out and kept it in a fertiliser bag to later released into the wild.

Piyapong said: ‘If it wasn’t for the security guard, I would be driving around with the big snake in my car. It was scary.’

The reticulated python like that seen in the video is found throughout Southeast Asia. They are common in Thailand where they live in forests, swamp, canals and even in cities, where they come into conflict with humans.

They can kills humans and regularly eat cats, dogs, birds, rats and other snakes.

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