Atlanta officers arrest multiple people after reports of a wanted subject in the area

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On January 10th, 2023, at approximately 1230 PM, Atlanta Police received information that a wanted subject was in the area of 3041 Landrum Dr. SW with several other male subjects. Officers were also advised that the males were potentially armed.

APD’s Air Unit was then requested to assist with apprehending the wanted subject, as he is known to flee when officers approach. Once all units were in place, the three males initially attempted to flee on foot, but after observing the strong perimeter set by the officers, the subjects surrendered and were taken into custody without incident.

After the arrests, officers located a handgun that was discarded by the original wanted suspect and a second handgun that was discarded by the other adult male. Upon a safety check of the juvenile, officers located a third handgun, that was later found to have been recently stolen.

The suspects were identified as Dominic McKibbins (17YO) who was charged with possession of a firearm by a minor, reckless conduct, and a warrant for auto theft, Torrence Taylor (19YO) who was charged with false representation and reckless conduct, and a 16YO Juvenile who was charged with possession of a firearm by a minor, possession of tools for the crime of entering auto, as well as a previous entering auto case.

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