Bodycam footage shows man walking toward deputies with guns before police open fire in Harris County

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The Harris County Sheriff’s Office has released body-cam footage from five different officers after they opened fire on a man who walked toward them while holding guns.

The shooting happened on Dec. 1 in the 15400 block of Flemington Avenue.

The sheriff’s office said they received a call at 10:50 a.m. about an abandoned vehicle in front of a home on Flemington Avenue.

When the first deputy arrived at approximately 11:05 a.m., he reported hearing multiple gunshots and called for backup.

Other deputies responded and set up a perimeter, requested additional resources, and began evacuating neighbors.

The armed suspect, identified as Jonathan Yi, 45, barricaded himself in the home and fired a gun in multiple directions.

Deputies attempted to speak with Yi using a loudspeaker and called for him to exit the home peacefully. The sheriff’s office said Yi also fired at a drone being used by the department.

Approximately 30 minutes after deputies arrived at the scene, Yi walked out of his front door holding a rifle in each hand.

The deputies repeatedly gave verbal commands for Yi to drop the weapons, but he continued walking towards the deputies while holding the rifles and refused to comply.

The sheriff’s office said five deputies fired their weapons at Yi, striking him several times.

Despite being delivered aid by deputies, who also requested EMS, Yi died at the scene.

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