Man exposing himself due to oversized clothing, APD officers buys him new clothing and shoes

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On October 31st, 2022, Officer Nguyen and his trainee, Officer Y. Prophete, were dispatched to a public indecency call in NW Atlanta. Upon arrival, the officers observed a male wearing ill fitted clothing that exposed his body parts. This observation is what led to the “indecency” 911 call. Recognizing that the issue could be better addressed with empathy rather than police action, Officer Nguyen made an at the moment decision to purchase clothes and shoes for the male.

Once the mild-mannered and grateful man was fully dressed in his new shirt, pants, and shoes, he was on his way, and the officers drove off to wait for the next call. Newly sworn, Ofc. Prophete, had a different kind of training day, witnessing what it means to be an APD officer in real time.

We could not be prouder of Ofc. Nguyen. He demonstrated not only his professional training, but innate compassion and concern for a fellow human being. We are fortunate to have Ofc. Nguyen and a cadre of officers, supervisors and commanders who dedicate their lives to public safety, put their lives on the line to fight crime, and who also care about the community they serve. Job well done!

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