Suspect reverses classic muscle car into LASD police car, then jumps out with knife and is fatally shot

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Deputies opened fire on a man armed with a knife in a deadly shooting that followed a domestic violence call in Long Beach.

Deputies were called at about 9 p.m. Tuesday to the 15900 block of Indiana Avenue in Paramount on a restraining order violation call. They spoke with the victim, then saw the subject of the report drive past the home.

He was seen driving east on Artesia Boulevard in Long Beach, approaching Downey Avenue, before stopping the red vintage muscle car at the intersection. Deputies pulled in behind the driver, who then reversed the car and crashed into the front of a sheriff's department patrol car.

The sheriff's department cruiser ended up wedged under the rear of the muscle car, possibly a 1970s-era Pontiac Ventura.

The man got out of the car carrying a knife, and deputies opened fire. The man died at the scene.

One deputy was injured in the confrontation. Details about the injuries were not immediately available, but law enforcement said that the deputy is in stable condition.

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