Redacted body cam released when 11 students arrested at Matanzas High School after huge fight

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Nearly a dozen students at Matanzas High School in Florida are facing charges following a huge brawl Monday on campus, according to the Flagler County Sheriff's Office.

Three students – ranging in age between 14 and 17 – were physically arrested on charges of resisting a law enforcement officer and battery on school personnel, FCSO said in a news release. Deputies are recommending charges against eight other students, including breach of peace, disturbance of a school function, among other charges.

The brawl happened around 1 p.m. in a hallway between buildings 5 and 6, FCSO said in a news release.

School officials found a large crowd of students in the hallway watching another group of students who were allegedly fighting, FCSO said. School resource officers, teachers, and school administrators tried to break up the fight, and to get the crowd of students watching to leave the area.

Blurred bodycam video released by FCSO showed the chaos as officials tried to disperse the crowd and detain those allegedly involved in the fighting.

"I don't think there's good parenting that's going on. The parents want to be friends and not parents. So parents need to be parents first and then a friend later to their child …" Sheriff Rick Staly said. "We just need the parents to help us teach their kids because we get involved when it's too late. At that point, you know, there's no talking. There's handcuffs at that point."

It's the latest violent incident reported at Matanzas High School.

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