Biathlon in Russian.

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Tank biathlon - applied competitions between tank crews in the art of driving a tank and shooting accuracy from the main and additional weapons installed on tanks, among different armed forces of states and countries of the world. It has been traditionally held annually since 2013, in August, at the Alabino training ground in the Moscow Region as part of the International Army Games.

Three crews per team participate, each crew on their own tank. Separate start, with an interval of 1-2 minutes. (on the route at the same time 4 tanks). Each crew passes three laps along a route 3-5 km long. Tankers have to overcome many obstacles, such as a ford, mound, slope, scarp, anti-tank ditch and others. On the 1st lap, shooting is carried out from a cannon with three regular artillery shots at three targets (target No. 12 'Tank'). On the 2nd circle, shooting from an anti-aircraft machine gun is performed (target - target No. 25 'Helicopter'). On the 3rd lap, shooting is carried out from a coaxial PKT machine gun (target No. 9 “RPG”). Since the 2016 World Championship, target No. 9 'RPG' has been made of glass, which made it possible to increase the entertainment of this exercise.

For each target not hit, a penalty loop (500 meters) is assigned. Since 2021, for each target not hit, the crew is assigned two penalty loops. When firing from a cannon, a penalty loop is additionally assigned for each unfired target.

For unsuccessful maneuvers (hitting a 'mine', knocking down restrictive pillars, etc.), crews are awarded penalty points. Since the 2017 World Championship, instead of accruing penalty points, penalty time areas have been introduced, where the crew that has committed a violation complies with standard No. 1 'Control inspection of the car'.

The winner in the tank crew championship is determined based on the best time based on the results of the 'Individual race' stage.

After watching the video, I recommend listening to what a Russian and an American are talking about when watching 'Tank Biathlon' - I also asked myself why the Americans, Germans and French are afraid to take part in this game.

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