Kenosha officers justified in deadly shootout which killed suspect; 3 injured in a hostage situation

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One person is dead, and three others are hurt, after a shootout with police in Kenosha Monday night, Dec. 19 near 13th Avenue and 56th Street. Neighbors woke up with a lot of questions.

Shortly before 8:30 p.m. Monday, police said they responded to a call of an active shooter and reports of hostages and gunshot victims inside a home in the area.

"There’s a lady in the house. We have shots fired. He’s firing out the window at us," police said.

Police said someone fired at officers from the home.

"We do have a phone call from a male subject saying he has two hostages," police said. "Shot two already and has three bullets."

"Police returned fire," said Lt. Joe Nosalik. "Police made entry to the home, as there were reports of gunshot victims and hostages inside the house with the shooter."

Police said the person who shot at them died at the scene. Three other people were hurt and went to the hospital. Officials said in a news release on Wednesday, Dec. 21, that two of those individuals have since been treated and released – one person remains hospitalized.

Bernard Snowden lives next door.

"I normally stand right there in front of that door, right in between – I would have been caught right in the line," said Snowden. "I said, ‘I live right here.' He said, ‘I don’t care. Get the heck out of here. They’re shooting at us right now.'"

Snowden left to pick up a Christmas gift. He was gone for 30 minutes. He came home to find a bullet went through his home.

"Coming through here and going out that exit there," said Snowden. "You just never know. I could have just as easily been standing there when that bullet went through."

As police investigate what led to the crime, Snowden said he's counting his blessings, saying he woke up feeling lucky.

Police said the officers who fired in this case were placed on administrative assignment, per department policy. An autopsy will determine how the suspected shooter died.

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