Police bodycam footage shows officer resuscitating two-year-old baby after suspected drug overdose

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This shocking video shows the moment police officers managed to resuscitate a two-year-old child - after a suspected drug overdose. Bodycam footage shows the child's lifeless body in the hallway of a building as an officer performs back slaps and CPR after finding no pulse. Lieutenant Mark Smit and Deputy Blake Brandner of the Columbia County Sheriff's Office in Portage, Wisconsin, USA responded to the call.

The officers were at the station nearby and arrived within seconds of the emergency call. The child is suspected to have taken a fatal amount of opioids and was given a life-saving dose of Narcan (Naloxone HCL) - which brought her around. Columbia Sheriff's Office said in a statement: "When our deputies arrived, they found the small child was lying on the floor, not breathing, and did not have a pulse.

"The deputies tried to get information and initially thought this could be from the small child choking. "The deputies were not able to get any initial information on what happened to the child. "Through the calm, quick, and instinctive thinking and actions by our deputies, immediate lifesaving CPR actions were taken to help save her life. "After a couple rounds of CPR, the deputies felt a heartbeat."

The deputies then noticed some signs of an overdose, and the assessment of it possibly being a drug overdose was crucial in administering Narcan to the baby to keep her heart beating.

The statement continued: "We work with our deputies to remain calm, provide them the right equipment and train them on many medical emergencies, but it is never easy working on a small child as that pulls at all our heart strings. "These deputies did amazing work! We are grateful that this little child survived and are extremely proud of the teamwork once again displayed by our law enforcement team, as these are the days that reaffirm why we are the guardians of our community. "Great work gentlemen!"

Portage Police Department said a search warrant was executed and officers found drugs and drug-related items. The police force to arrest a woman in her thirties in connection with the incident.

Portage Police Department said: "The execution of a search warrant at the residence yielded suspected Fentanyl, THC, Schedule IV narcotics, drug paraphernalia and US currency. "

Arrested as a result was Iris R. Salas Aguila, age 33, of Portage." The footage was captured on September 19.

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