Hillsborough County release body cam footage of two DUI suspects being arrested on Superbowl Sunday

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Between Super Bowl watch parties and the Krewe of Sant’ Yago's Knight Parade, Hillsborough County had a big weekend of celebrations.

And with every big event, the sheriff's office ramps up efforts to keep the community safe from drunk drivers on the road.

"This weekend is historically one in which our community sees an influx of drivers on the roads," Sheriff Chad Chronister said. "Our efforts have undoubtedly reduced death, injury, and property damage caused by impaired drivers."

On Monday, Hillsborough County deputies revealed the results of their weekend DUI operations.

Of 224 total traffic stops, deputies issued 203 warnings and 21 citations and made 33 DUI arrests. One other non-DUI arrest was also made.

One man who was arrested and charged with DUI is 30-year-old Ivan Wu. Deputies say they first made contact with Wu when he was asleep in the driver's seat of his car which was stopped on the eastbound off-ramp to U.S. 301 from the Selmon Expressway.

When he woke up, Wu reportedly put his car in reverse and ran into a deputy's vehicle. Video shows a deputy banging on the driver's door before smashing his window to get him to exit the car.

Another man, 31-year-old Demarcus Oliver, was found asleep at the wheel after backing his car into another vehicle at the Wawa on the corner of U.S. 301 and Causeway Boulevard, according to the sheriff's office. He reportedly blew a .16 and was charged with DUI with property damage and driving with a suspended license.

"Your Sheriff’s Office has no tolerance for drinking and driving," Chronister added. "It is a completely preventable offense, and those who engage in this behavior should be prepared to face very real consequences."

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