Senator Tom Davis arrested for public intoxication

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South Carolina State Senator Tom Davis was arrested in Lexington for public intoxication on January 1, 2023.
WIS has obtained dash camera and in-car footage from the Lexington Police Department showing the moments Senator Davis was arrested.

Senator Davis told police he had just left a social gathering when he realized he was not able to drive. He parked his vehicle in a parking lot on Sunset Boulevard in West Columbia.

Upon finding Senator Davis in the lot, Lexington police performed a series of field sobriety tests.

The arrest report shows Senator Davis failed all the tests.

Lexington police arrested Senator Davis and cited him for public intoxication.

“I am ashamed and embarrassed by what happened last night, and I want to say I’m sorry to my family and to my constituents. I’m not going to deflect or excuse this mistake,” Sen. Tom Davis (R-Beaufort County) said. “Instead, I am going to learn from it and move forward with a greater sense of responsibility.”

Davis’ spokesman Michael Wukela said Davis cooperated completely, “Sen. Davis cooperated immediately, fully and completely with the officer,” Wukela said. “He was not charged with driving under the influence.”

“I look forward to the opportunity to prove to my family and my constituents that I have learned from this mistake,” Davis said.

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