Lansing releases bodycam footage of shooting where officer was struck by car

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Body cam footage of an officer-involved shooting has been released by the city of Lansing. The shooting occurred on Wednesday, Jan. 10 at a home on W Saginaw Street, one block west of Durant Park.

Lansing Police responded to a call at the house as a follow-up for the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office for a suspect wanted on a probation violation who had fled from deputies several days earlier.

According to a YouTube video released by the city, which can be seen in full below, the suspect, Zachary Duling, and a witness were in a car in the driveway when several officers arrived. The officers can be heard instructing the suspect to show them his hands. The car then accelerated in reverse before going forward and struck one of the officers, Ofc. Robert Olson, a seven-year veteran of the department, in the lower body.

After the impact, several shots were fired and the white 2014 Chevy Cruze Duling was driving left the driveway. He was located the following day in Lansing and had sustained a minor injury to his shoulder, according to the police department.

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