Cumberland police ‘detain goat for questioning’

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An elusive goat tried its best to flee from police after being found in a yard it didn’t belong in, but Cumberland officers were persistent and eventually able to trap the animal in a corner where it was “detained” for questioning.

The Cumberland Police Department shared the body camera footage of the goat foot pursuit on their Facebook page. The video was, fittingly, accompanied by “Yakety Sax,” the Benny Hill Show theme song.

According to police, officers were alerted about the goat being in a residence’s backyard on Woodlark Drive. The goat didn’t belong to the resident and police were unsure where the goat had come from.

Believing the goat could be injured, a police officer and a Marion County Animal and Control Officer attempted to wrangle the goat but the animal proved to be nimble-foot, dashing around its two pursuers and juking them on several occasions.

The officers were at last able to corner the goat in a corner where they threw a sheet on the animal and subdued it. Thought detained, the lost goat proved to be tight-lipped and didn’t reveal any information about where it came from.

Police said the goat is being well fed and was found to have no injuries. It is being made comfortable until proper ownership can be determined.

Anyone with information about where the goat belongs is asked to contact the Marion County Animal Care and Control.

No officers or animals were hurt in the incident.

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