Kharkov region meets Russian troops.

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They speak Russian and Ukrainian.
They joke that now diesel fuel will become cheaper.
They remember the phrase from the cartoon about penguins from Madagascar - 'Smile and wave!'
At the end, the phrase 'The main thing is that now the Ukrainian troops will not return' and laughter.

My friend called back from his acquaintance from, let's say, a fresh 'hot spot', if you understand me ...
Six ... I repeat, six of our soldiers 'captured' a Ukrainian military unit - 900 (nine hundred) people.
Well, they took it ... they approached, called, they opened it ... the unit commander said:
- The weapons are in the armory under lock and key, the Nazis fled in the morning, the personnel are engaged in PCBs.
Everything. Ours called back, they say, we are here, we don’t need to bang here anymore, then one remained to guard the armory, the rest get acquainted with geography.
Here a delegation of local residents comes up - they saw the Russian (!) Flag over the checkpoint, and asks for 'Russian occupiers':
- Guys, do not offend our soldiers, they are good!

So it goes.

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