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In a few days we will leave to go to Sicily, it is over a year that we do not go there. Last year, while we were there, unfortunately my father fell and broke his femur, and after being operated on, and after 40 days in three hospitals, various complications arose, and unfortunately he died. That's life. Anyway, the show has to go on.

We will leave from Bologna, with our small car, and we will make a unique and straight trip to Sicily. Go to Sicily because my wife Anna was born there, but not in Sicily that everyone thinks (sea, sun, food, etc.), no! We will go to inland area, in the only province that does not have the sea. We will go to 800 meters high, in the small village of Anna, where you can still find the real genuine food, the good air, and especially the real Sicilians. But we will do many daily trip, in different unknown places but really very, very interesting. If you have any questions, or if you want information about a specific country or on some other topic, do not hesitate to write to me: speakyone@protonmail.com

Write a comment, and who writes the most voted comment can win something very interesting!

OK, now I have to prepare everything, good vision and good trip to all! And never forget...: MAMMA MIAAAAA

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