Body cam video shows UPS truck hanging over Calumet River on I-90

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New body camera video showing the moments after a crash that left a UPS truck dangling over the Calumet River off a bridge on I-90 last month was released Wednesday.

The truck went over the bridge at the 6.5 mile marker of the toll road around 2 a.m. and caught fire, according to police.

Video shows the truck hanging vertically, stuck between the westbound and eastbound lanes.

Indiana State Police identified the driver as Marc Rupert, 32, from Lansing, Ill. Investigators say the driver was traveling westbound when the truck left the lane and struck the center median wall.

When responding officers got to the scene, they thought the driver was in the river below because the cab of the truck was submerged. However, the UPS driver was able to climb out of the cab onto a concrete pillar, where he was rescued.

The day of the crash, police said Rupert was treated for minor injuries and hypothermia.

Officials did not specify the cause of the crash when the footage was released.

"We are thankful our driver is safe and that no other vehicles were involved. We are working with responding authorities on this continuing investigation," UPS told FOX 32 in December.

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