Chinese man, three Thais and a ladyboy arrested ‘while making gay adult movie’

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A Chinese man and four Thais were arrested after allegedly being caught red-handed making a gay adult movie.

Furious neighbours complained to police about the loud noises and visitors coming and going at the rented property in the notorious sex city of Pattaya in eastern Thailand.

Uniformed officers were shocked when they burst into the home and allegedly found three naked Thai men performing sex acts on a transgender woman sprawled on a bed while the Chinese man was behind the camera directing the action.

Officers claim the group had made dozens of films that were sent to the Chinese man’s customers through messaging apps. He allegedly paid the ‘actors’ around 2,000 baht (45 GBP) per day – an enviable wage in the third-world country even before Covid-19 choked the tourist-dependent economy.

Police Major General Chaipojjana Suwannarak said: ‘An arrest and search warrant was made for the address after receiving information about the people there being involved with suspicious adult activities.

‘All five of the suspects were detained, four of them Thais and one foreigner of Chinese nationality. They were doing it inside the rented house and we caught them while they were having sex and filming.’

Before the warrants were served, the country’s Information Technology Crime Suppression Center allegedly gathered evidence that the group had been sending pornographic materials through the popular Line messaging application.

General Chaipojjana added that the group claimed they only turned to make adult films as they were left jobless due to Covid-19 pandemic. However, he said they would still have to face the consequences of breaking the country’s strict obscenity laws as well as the current ban on gathering in groups.

He said: ‘The suspects all claimed they were doing it because they didn’t have jobs due to Covid-19 but this was illegal and they will be prosecuted according to the law.’

The five suspects were remanded in custody while being questioned over breaking Covid-19 rules under the emergency decree and for violating Thailand’s computer crime act by producing nudity and obscenity.

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