Out-of-control truck crashes through traffic lights in Thailand

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This is the shocking moment an out-of-control truck crashed through traffic lights in Thailand.

The 18-wheeler delivery lorry was approaching a junction when the traffic lights turned red in Chachoengsao province on August 22.

Driver Pairote Kaewnok, 47, claimed he hit the brakes several times but the vehicle continued to move forward and hit a pickup truck from the opposite lane before slamming through the traffic lights.

No one was reported seriously hurt from the incident including the two drivers involved in the collision but their vehicles were damaged.

Ban Pho Police Station officer Sathienpong Onsrithong said: ‘We are still investigating the case but no one was reported hurt.

‘There was an oil spill across the road from the pickup truck so we had to call the traffic management team to assist with the cleaning.’

The two drivers were also questioned at the police station before their damaged vehicles were taken for repairs at a nearby mechanic.

Truck driver Pairote said: ‘I hit the brakes multiple times but it was strange that it did not stop. I tried my best to avoid vehicles along the way.’

The pickup truck driver Thaworn Chankaew, 26, said he was driving with his girlfriend when the collision happened at the intersection.

He said: ‘I was driving with my girlfriend to a religious ceremony. It all happened so fast, the next thing I knew there was a truck in front and we collided.’

Investigations on the incident are still ongoing but evidence has been gathered from the scene including the dashcam footage recorded by one of the motorists in the area.

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